Aquaman 2 (2022) Teaser Trailer Concept Movie [HD] Jason Momoa, Amber Heard

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    Aquaman Movie Teaser Trailer!

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    In 2018, James Wan’s Aquaman became a remarkably surprising smash hit.

    Nobody really knew what to expect from it for multiple reasons, given that it was following the disappointing release of Justice League; centered on a character who had never had his own live-action solo movie.

    Naturally, the excitement that the project generated immediately led Warner Bros.

    to solidify a future for the franchise, and within a few weeks of Aquaman’s release we learned about their plans to develop an Aquaman 2.
    It’s typical for Hollywood studios to try and produce sequels as quickly as they possibly can.

    After all, they don’t want to let the heat of a burgeoning franchise die down, and the more time that passes means there’s more opportunities for audiences to be distracted by other big properties.

    That being said, Aquaman 2 is taking an extra minute to find its way to theaters, as Warner Bros.

    has announced that the blockbuster follow-up is currently scheduled to be released on December 22, 2022.

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